The Solo Star Collection

DCWS: Interview

“I forced myself to explore who I am and how I got here. Attempting to be more vocally introspective, which isn’t an easy thing for an introvert like me.”

- Solo Star

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DCWS: Album Review

"Though rooted in Hip-Hop, you can hear Pop, Funk, Soul and even Rock influences in his music. Undoubtedly a result of his oddly eclectic, yet surprisingly well-rounded musical tastes. With influences that range from 2Pac and Kanye to Michael Jackson and Fleetwood Mac, you can easily figure out why he pushes the boundaries of genres so frequently."

-Carlton Boyd

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Buzz Music LA: Interview

"Trailblazing in the name of good music, he proves that what’s here to stay will conquer in a world of condensed attention spans."

-BuzzLA Editorial Staff

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A&R Factory: Article


-Amelia Vanderghast

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DCWS: Single Review

"One of the many standout tracks on the album that we want to share with you is the awe-inspiring, guitar driven, “Nights of Fire”. Trust us when we tell you that it is a certified banger"

-DCWS Staff

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